Place your hope and trust in Me, says the Lord. I will not fail to lead and guide you and enlighten the path before you so that you will not stumble and fall. I will also go with you every step of the way, to insure your well-being. Be always confident in My attentiveness to you. I Am keenly aware of the sudden, unexpected challenges that you will face, for nothing takes Me by surprise. I don’t need to develop an emergency plan for you, because there are no emergencies with Me. I Am the Sovereign. I already have prepared a way of escape for you in every trial, so trust in Me to reveal it to you, says the Lord.

As you contemplate your future, remember the past, says the Lord. I helped you to endure every hardship and strengthened you when you thought you could not stand. In every sorrow, I comforted you and was there to dry your tears. You have already come through many threatening storms in life, and I have calmed them. So trust Me now with the difficulties that you are facing, and know that I have all of your future in My hands. You will never be alone, and I will help you to overcome as you continue to entrust Me with your total care, says the Lord.

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