You are never alone, says the Lord.  I Am constantly with you.  You are not talking to yourself.  I hear every word that you say, and I know every need that you have.  I care for you!   I Am not oblivious of your concerns, and I know all the things that trouble you.  I Am not just looking and listening, but I Am on task, on your behalf.  You do not have to scream to get My attention, for I Am near to you, and watching out for you, says the Lord.

I have your back.  I Am your rear guard, says the Lord.  The enemy cannot sneak up behind you and attack you, for I Am your defense.  Though he is very cunning, I Am all-wise.  He cannot out-smart Me.  His strategies are foolishness in My sight.  He cannot fool me, or take Me by surprise, for I see everything he is planning, and nothing gets past My attention.  I will be your shield, and I will cover you with My Own hand.  I will under gird you and surround you.  You are never out of My reach, for I Am faithfully by your side.  The enemy is not greater than Me, and his weapons against you will be broken, his diabolical works destroyed, and his purposes nullified.  I will be with you in trouble, and bring you out of it, as you have placed your trust in Me, says the Lord.

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