Magnify the LORD!

Do not magnify your troubles, but Magnify Me, says the Lord.  For as you do, you will see that the enemies become as grasshoppers, and you become the giant in Me.  I Am with you and in you and you are not on the bottom of all the difficulties but on top of them.  You are not positioned as a doormat, subject to the natural things, but you have My supernatural power to overcome in the realm of My Spirit in you that is far superior.  See yourself as huge, as I Am the Greater One in you and with you, and together we will subdue the enemy and put out his fiery darts with the fire of My Spirit that is greater, says the Lord.

See yourself in the light of My glory, says the Lord.  See yourself as a conqueror and an over comer. See yourself as fully equipped to push the darkness back with My light in you and around you.  See yourself as one of valor, and act on it.  Be courageous and bold as a lion.  For I will be with you to help you to defeat the darkness, destroy the diabolical works of the enemy and push him around.  Let him run in terror of you as you arise and confront him and get in his face.  For you are not to back down, but to press forward, knowing that you cannot be run over, trampled under or defeated.  You are to tread upon him and all his cohorts.  I will give you the victory every time as you stand in Me, complete and empowered, as you put Me on and press forward in Me, says the Lord.

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