Your Destiny In Me Is Sealed

Your future is in My hands and I have sealed your destiny, says the Lord. I have already written the plan, orchestrated every event, and purposed for you. Your position is to trust in Me. I have not failed you in the past, and I will not fail you now.  Everything will come together in your life for good, even those things that the enemy plotted against you and  seemed to have prevailed.  You will see that you are the winner and not the loser.  I will not divide, but multiply My blessings  on you, and you will be blessed to be a blessing, says the Lord.

You need not frustrate yourself with endless questions as you wonder how you are going to reach your goals or accomplish the things you envision or how are you going to have the provisions that you need for yourself and those you love, says the Lord.   It is a daily walk of faith in Me.   It is not what you know or what you can do, but what I know and what I can do.  Trust in Me and let Me lead and guide you, for your position is not to lead or direct, but to hear My still small voice within, and follow Me. It will always lead you into the answers of peace, and the outcome for you will be good, just as I have purposed for you, says the Lord.

Please send your donations to 40403 Sunburst Drive, Dade City, Florida 33525, or use the donation button on our website, For International donations through pay pal, select “Goods and Services”. You can also donate through Zelle, using our email address, [email protected]. Thank you and May God richly bless you.

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