Spiritual Conflict

Your battle is not against people, places, things, regions or situations, but it is a spiritual conflict, says the LORD. DO not try to use physical force. The wisdom of the world will not equip you to succeed. Psychological strategies will not help. For it is devils and the kingdom of darkness that you are combating against. The forces of darkness oppose the light in you. But you must use the weapons that I have given you to overcome, overpower and overwhelm them. Nothing else will empower you to defeat the enemy forces that have been assigned against you to distract you, depress you, defeat your purposes in Me and discourage you. You must stand against the evil all around you and be fully armed in Me and My Spirit, says the LORD.

It is by My Spirit that you will be able to have complete victory, says the LORD. The enemy is not bigger than Me. I Am the greater One within you. I cannot be bound, defeated, detained, delayed, or destroyed. Neither can you. Stand up and fight in the realm of MY SPIRIT and use what I have given you, so that you can push back the enemy and claim new territory for My kingdom, and release the captives that have been held in bondage. You must not fear the opposition, for I have commissioned My angels to protect you, and you will have ultimate victory if you will recognize the enemy and fight against the kingdom of darkness, destroy the works of the enemy, proclaim liberty to the captives, loose the prisoners, and enforce My Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven, by My Spirit, says the LORD.

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