Daily Devotional: Comfort

When my many thoughts make me anxious and fearful, your comforts are a delight to my soul. Your presence quiets my fears and reassures me that you are sovereign in my life. You have everything in control. I trust in you when things seem unmanageable, knowing that you are the Master of my destiny, and hold all of today, and

I Have Promised and I Will DO It

     As you wait on Me and trust in Me, I will grant the desires of your heart and fulfill every need that you have, says the LORD.  It is My pleasure to give you sudden surprises!  There is NO door that is locked to Me and nothing is hidden from ME.  I Am in control of everything. I Am

Delight Yourself in Me

Delight yourself in Me and delight in My Word. Delight to do My will, says the LORD. For when you do, I will delight in you. Your pursuit of Me will not go without reward. There is none other beside ME. I will give you honor as you honor Me. I will bless you and give you the increase as