As you wait on Me and trust in Me, I will grant the desires of your heart and fulfill every need that you have, says the LORD.  It is My pleasure to give you sudden surprises!  There is NO door that is locked to Me and nothing is hidden from ME.  I Am in control of everything. I Am the SOVEREIGN.  There is NO power that can withstand Me or My will and there is nothing that can stop Me from giving you everything that you believe Me for and trust that I will supply abundantly, says the LORD.

I made everything that exists and it belongs to Me, says the LORD.  I OWN what I have created, and every person, place and thing that is seen and unseen is in MY CONTROL.  My will shall be accomplished. My Word shall be performed.  I have promised, and I will DO IT!  You can depend upon My Word, upon My Spirit, My presence in your life and My performance of the spectacular, miraculous and awesome things that will bring you delight.  Good is GOOD, and MY WORD for you is good. I Am good, and I give you GOOD things to enjoy.  I will give you everything that you need as you lean on Me, delight yourself in Me, and come to Me with dependent, child-like faith, and wait on Me to act. I will provide. I will promote. I will do all things, and I will do them well, for you in the land of the living, as you make ME your trust, says the LORD.

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