Meditate on My Word that Will Be Fulfilled

What are you listening to and what are you thinking, I ask? For you will go in the direction that your thoughts take you, says the LORD. Think on My Word! Meditate on it! Think good thoughts. For your thoughts will also give you vision. They are not mere illusions. Dwell on the good things that I have done for

Daily Prophecy: Delivered from Death

Thank you, Lord, for delivering us from disease and death. You are the One Who holds us up, and keeps us steady on our feet. Because you uphold us, we will not fall nor fail. You have enlightened the path before us so that our feet will not stumble, and you will give us everything that we need. You have

Open Your Eyes

Open your eyes so that you can see the path that I have enlightened before you. Take the steps that I have ordered. They are there. They are well-lit. There is no confusion in what I author and order. It is a plain, straight and narrow way, so you will not get twisted and turned around and confused. I tell

Open Doors

I will open doors for you, says the Lord. I will enlighten the path before you and you will know My will. Do not fear to go forward, for where I lead you will always be good. I would never steer you wrong or set a trap for you. It will not be confusing. There will only be one door