Meditate on My Word that Will Be Fulfilled

What are you listening to and what are you thinking, I ask? For you will go in the direction that your thoughts take you, says the LORD. Think on My Word! Meditate on it! Think good thoughts. For your thoughts will also give you vision. They are not mere illusions. Dwell on the good things that I have done for you and rehearse the words that I have spoken to you. That will keep your focus on the right path, and you will not veer off the steps that I have ordered and enlightened for you, says the LORD.

Discouraging words do not come from Me, says the LORD. The enemy wants you to be depressed and overwhelmed with thoughts of impossibilities. Rid yourself of those dark sayings that are NOT TRUE, and live in My Word that will work wonders for you. Your purpose is good. My plans for you are wonderful. They are all set, and you need not worry! Trust in My Word, and be filled with My joy. For your good future is in My hands that created you, and I Am with you as your comforter, your healer, your helper, and you can look to Me, trust in Me, and think of Me working in your behalf all the time, no matter what you face. I will give you GOOD success as you think success and go in your prescribed steps that are right in front of you. Reject every thought of defeat, and only keep MY WORD, says the LORD.

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