I Will Turn Things Around for You

Everything that I do has a purpose, says the LORD. Nothing is done outside of My plan, and everything I do is a good work, says the LORD. I will not do something just because I can. All that I do fits into my perfect will and plan for your life. You do not have to see it to KNOW

I Have Come to Enrich Your Live

I have come to enrich your life, not to impoverish you, says the LORD. You are not going to miss out on anything that is good. I do not extract anything from you that will benefit you as you allow Me to be the LORD of your life. For I will take out the pain causing elements and replace them

Expect the Unexpected

Expect the unexpected blessings that will be poured out into your life, says the LORD. Do not accept unexpected trials and tests and tribulation that the enemy is always plotting against you. Get on the offensive and look for ways to foil his plans and ruin his strategies. Get in his face before he has a chance to get into