Rest in My arms of Love, says the LORD. Rest In the comfort of My Spirit. Rest in My Word that will come to pass for you! Rest in Me! For I will give you rest as you relinquish your fears, and place your total care upon Me. Believe in My presence, power, provision, and meticulous care for you in your life. Give Me every burden and every care, and I will give you the tranquility that you need, even in the midst of every battle, every trial and test, every storm in life, says the Lord.

As you rest in Me, it is not sleep, inertia, listlessness, laziness, complacency or becoming idle, says the LORD. The rest I give you is available for you when you labor for My kingdom, and fulfill your purpose, knowing that it is not in vain. You will have My rest and corresponding peace because of your trust in Me, no matter what you are facing, no matter what the situation, that I will be on task, on time, and working things together for your good, as I have purposed before the foundation of the earth. Then you will not be wringing your hands, fretting or fuming, but confident that all is well, because I Am with you to fulfill every Word and Work in your life that I have prescribed for you, and it will be complete, and perfect, satisfying and successful, says the LORD.

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