Daily Devotional: Ask in My Name

Thank you, Lord, for giving us your Name that is above all names to use, as we pray. Your promise is to answer our prayers as we ask you for anything in your name, and we are privileged to do so. We lift our needs before you in prayer this day, and ask in the name of Jesus that you

Daily Devotional: Heart’s Desires Granted

Thank you, Lord, for the promise that you will give me the desires of my heart, and you will not withhold the requests of My lips as I call upon your name, and pour out my heart onto you. You are mindful of every tear, every petition, every need, and you will grant them because of your great compassion for

I Have Promised and I Will DO It

     As you wait on Me and trust in Me, I will grant the desires of your heart and fulfill every need that you have, says the LORD.  It is My pleasure to give you sudden surprises!  There is NO door that is locked to Me and nothing is hidden from ME.  I Am in control of everything. I Am