Don’t Allow Your Disappointments to Disrupt Your Faith

Don’t allow your disappointments to define you or disrupt your faith, says the LORD. Trust that I will not withhold anything good from you. I Am an on-time GOD, and a GOD of order. I do all things well, and I will do that for you. I have a perfect plan for your life and I give you good and perfect gifts that will fit what I have created you to be and called you to do. Nothing will be missing, and the things that seemed to be miss-fits will come together precisely, and you will say, WOW! My understanding is infinite, and I KNOW what you need, how you feel, and what the future holds. I will not give you anything that will cause you pain or harm you in any way. TRUST ME, says the LORD.

Look at the past and see how I have opened doors for you and shut others, says the LORD. The things that you thought were never going to be resolved, are. Your own history will prove My faithfulness. TRUST ME NOW! TRUST me for the future! Believe that everything that I do will be GOOD and the outcome will marvel you! As you choose to allow Me to orchestrate things for you, and wait on Me to act, things will come together for you in perfect timing, and then you will have that confirmation that this could not have been the work of your own or anyone else, but My Own hand did it. This will increase your faith and trust in Me, and cause you to grow in your dependency upon Me. I will take care of the details, lead you into your destiny purpose, connect you with others that I have ordained, in perfect order, as I PERFEFT you and all that concerns you, and all will be well, says the LORD.

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