Your life is in My hands, says the LORD. Can you think of a better and safer place that you could be? My hands have created you, and when I formed you in the womb of your mother and separated you from her as a live birth, not only did I record all your parts in My book, but I rejoiced over you, and said that you were good. It is My hands that clothe you, provision you, empower you, protect you, cover you, heal you, secure you, and keep always, says the LORD.

You are well kept by Me, says the LORD. For there is nothing that I will not do for you. I have everything that you need, and I will never forsake the work of My hands. You belong to Me, and all that I have laid up in store for you will not be possessed by another. You have a place in Me that is secure, stable, fixed, complete, and fully prepared for you. None other can take your place or destroy My work in you. I will complete it, and complete you, and all is well, for I always finish what I begin, and the good work that I have begun in you will BE GOOD, and will be perfect, and complete, and you can trust in ME to do it, says the LORD.

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