There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, says the Lord. That includes My hidden treasures. I will make them manifest to you. I have reserved and preserved them for you to release them to you to equip you for the purposes that I have ordained for your Life. You will never be without anything that you need. You do ever have to beg me for anything. Just believe and receive. For I am more desirous to give to you than you are willing to receive, says the LORD.

As you entrust your care to Me, you will have more than enough, says the LORD. I Am your sufficiency and abundance is what I give. You are my beloved children and I only have good things for you as I lavish my love upon you and pour out my blessings upon you that you have no room to contain. You will be fat and full of my blessings upon blessings and you will bless others with the abundant overflow. says the Lord.

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