I Will Establish My Kingdom

I will establish My kingdom and set My seal upon you, says the LORD. I call you tamper proof. I will not allow the enemy to invade you or encroach your territory, for My angelic host encamps around about you. I Am your defense. You are safe and secure in Me, says the LORD. Do not focus on the enemy.


I will accelerate you in your kingdom purpose, says the LORD, and there will be an explosion of MY power in the midst of you. Yes, I will empower you to do what I have called you to do and the affect will be explosive. I will put Myself on display that will bypass what I have done in the

Extract from Me

Extract from Me, say the LORD. For all that you need is in ME. Draw it out. I Am your total source for all things and all you need to do is ask and receive that your joy may be full. You have asked me to bless you. Now receive what is freely yours. Draw from the well of My

Thank Me for the Plan

Thank Me for the plan, the purpose, the promise, the power and the provision, says the LORD. You are NOT the author of any of it. No one else is, either. I AM. I Am. I Am the plan. I AM the purpose. I Am the Promise. I am the Power. I am the provision. I AM the author and

Raining down My Spirit

I Am raining down My Spirit of joy for you, says the LORD. I Am your unspeakable joy! Are you ready? Are you ready to forfeit the sorrow of your heart? Are you willing to relinquish the past disappointments and receive the NEW? Look! Let the blinders fall off your eyes so that you now have NEW peripheral vision. I

Renewable Source

I Am your renewable source of energy and strength, says the LORD. I cannot be depleted and what I have for you is alive, inexhaustible, moving, flowing, penetrating and radiating life and vitality into you constantly. I Am your abiding strength. I Am the One Who enables you to do all things. I didn’t create you to just coast, but

Come Closer to Me

Come closer to me, My child, child, says the LORD. Come to me and receive of My goodness and mercy in your heart and life. Come to Me and receive your healing and your deliverance. I will not harm you, but I will embrace you in My arms of Love. I will help you and comfort you on every side.

Rain of My Spirit

I will invade the dry bed and desolate places of your life with the rain of My SPIRIT, says the LORD. I will cause the barren ground to sing. I will cause the dry seed to germinate. I will create well watered gardens that were once an unproductive wilderness, I will cause the desert places of your own life to

Your Battles

Your battles are not against people, places and things, but against principalities and powers of darkness and spiritual wickedness in high places, says the LORD. I have told you this. I have told you not to battle in the realm of the flesh with the weapons of the mind and body and earthly sources. I have given you spiritual weapons

Think Unlimited

Think unlimited, says the LORD. Stretch your imagination! Didn’t I say that I will give you exceedingly abundantly above that which you could ever ask or think? My thoughts are higher than yours. I invite you to tap into MY thoughts. My ways exceed yours by far. They are greater than anything that anyone can do. I want you to