Don’t Allow Your Disappointments to Rule Over You

Don’t allow your disappointments rule over you or spoil your peace, says the LORD. Though others have failed you, I will not. Though they have abandoned you, I cannot! Though they have endeavored to hold put you down and defame you and hold you back, you will never have that from ME. I will hold you up and keep you from falling. I will build you up and never put you down. I will cause you to rise up, higher and higher in the realm of My glory, and give you unspeakable joy in My presence. I will propel you forward, and never keep you back or withhold any good thing from You, says the LORD.

Hold your head up high, says the LORD. For the negative opinions of others are not worthy of your consideration. Do not entertain their thoughts and do not put yourself down. For I have not done so, and MY OPINION is the only one that counts! My thoughts and plans for you are GOOD, and I have given you everything that you need to succeed. Look unto Me. Focus on Me. Listen to Me. Remember that I have created you for a purpose that is good, and I will be with you always, to support and help you, and give you everything that you need to be fulfilled. You are special to Me, and I love you always, says the LORD.

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