Daily Devotional: Triumph in Your Work

Lord, we thank you for your mighty works among us. Your thoughts toward us are very deep and excellent. You have designed us and made us your own, and we are blessed to be your children. We look to you as our everlasting heavenly Father that never forgets us. You lavish us with your love and have made us glad

Grace and Glory

I will give you grace and glory, says the LORD. For My church will be a glorious church, and spotless. I have cleansed you and sanctified you by My blood that was shed for you, so that you would be pure and Holy. My Spirit is in you, and you have been separated out of the darkness of the World

Your Good Works

Your good works will be rewarded, says the LORD. For the harvest of good things is coming! You have sown in tears, but you will reap in great joy. You have labored and patiently waited My promises are not falsehood and I never exaggerate. I will honor My Word and fulfill you, and you will not be empty handed. You

Doing the Good Work

Don’t be weary in doing the good work that I have given you to do, says the LORD. Go in My strength, for I Am your strength. Walk in ME! Shift the load onto Me and yoke up with My easy yoke and light burden. Do not let your labors for me become a drudgery, for I Am with you.

A Sure Anchor

I Am a sure anchor for you, says the Lord. I will keep you from being pushed back, regardless of the rough seas of life and the raging winds of adversity. You are secure in Me. You will not be battered, abused and torn, for I Am with you, to shield you. I Am your defense. You will not be

Your Works

Your works are being recorded in My books to be rewarded, says the Lord. I take notice of you and all that you have done and are doing. My records are detailed and accurate. I Am a God that is just, and your labors are not vain in Me. I Am pleased by your faithfulness. Your faith pleases Me. I

Do Not Give up

Do not give up, says the Lord, for you good works shall be rewarded. The things that you have done in secret will be openly rewarded. I will not fail to give you a harvest that is plenteous, and none of your labors in Me will be wasted. I have reserved a blessing for your faithfulness, and I you will

Your Labor is Not in Vain

Your labor is not vain in Me, says the Lord.  Don’t view your life as a waste.  I have many things recorded in My books that await your reward.  Yes, I have a record of everything you have done for Me!   Some things that you thought were insignificant, some things that you even thought were failed attempts to serve Me