I Will Quiet Your Fears

I Am your peace, and I will quiet your fears, and bring you a calmness that defy your circumstances, as you entrust your total care to me, regardless of what is happening around you, says the LORD. Let nothing overwhelm you. Let nothing cause you to fear. Let Me be your total fear, and trust in My love and attentiveness

Those Casting Stones at You

Those casting stones at you are only making a spectacle of themselves as they look foolish to those who observe, says the Lord. You will look at them with calmness and quietness as I cause you stand and stare at them fearlessly. You will not be moved by it or threatened by the on slot of the enemy as he

Be Calm

Be calm, says the LORD. Peace! Be still! I Am speaking to you and the storms that are within you. BE STILL! Quiet down! Stop fretting right now! I Am with you. I Am on scene! You are safe and secure in Me. I have you. I Am in control of your circumstances and I will take care of you