Honor and Respect


As you have given Me honor, I will honor you. Says the LORD. As you have respect onto Me, I will have respect onto you, says the LORD. For I Am pleased with your faith and trust in Me. It gives Me pleasure when you seek My face. I desire fellowship and friendship with you. I await you in the

Honor You in Proportion


I will honor you in proportion to how you honor Me, says the LORD. I will order your steps in Me by My Spirit in you. Obey My voice. Hear My still, small voice within you. I will give you direction. I will give you the desires of your heart as you give Me My heart’s desires. You will receive

Everyday I Create


Everyday I create. Everyday I renew. Every day I invade you and those who look to Me. Every day is a new beginning in Me. Trust that I renew you daily in Me with NEW strength, New vision, New assignments, and New things. Look for the new. Today as you make Me your choice, I choose you, says the LORD.

Honor Comes from Me


Honor comes from Me, says the LORD, and I have honored you because you have honored me.  I Am promoting you because you have sought My kingdom and My righteousness first. You are precious in My sight and like a pearl of great price. I have purchased you with My own shed blood and My stripes that were placed upon

Riches and Honor Come from Me


Riches and honor come from Me, says the Lord.  I Am the greatness, the power and the glory.  For all that is in heaven and on earth belongs to Me.  Victory and Majesty are Mine.  I Am exalted as head above all, and in My hand is power and might.  I Am on your side to not only defend you, but to bless