I Am Never Late

I Am never late, says the LORD. You can depend upon My promises being fulfilled. I Am not looking for an excuse not to give you what I said belongs to you. I have not deceived you nor given you any false hope. When I give you MY WORD, I keep it. I will not break covenant with you! You

I Am Restoring Hope in You

I Am restoring HOPE in you, says the LORD. It is not an empty hope. I do not give clouds without water! I send the rain! It is abundant and life producing! It is not an empty promise or a mirage that is a false hope. It is not an illusion. What I do and what I give will become

I Do Not Give False Hope


I do not give false hope, says the LORD. My hope is not empty words that do not produce. Your hope has substance as you trust in Me to fulfill the promises that I have given you that are infallible. Let faith arise in your heart and do not mix it with tormenting fear. For surely as I live, I

Your Hope in Me Is Not Empty

Your hope in Me is not empty hope, but productive, says the LORD. Your trust in Me is not futile but will reap bountifully. For I Am trustworthy. I cannot and will not disappoint you, fail you or forget you. I call you unforgettable. I will furnish a table before you in the presence of your enemies and you will

I Am with You Always

I Am with you always, says the LORD. Your circumstances did not take Me by surprise or change Who I Am in your life. Believe Me. Believe in My love for you. Trust that I Am more than enough for you. Take Me at My Word, for I cannot lie and there is no changing My mind or purpose or

Helpless and Hopeless

This hope we have

Helpless and hopeless are not adjectives that describe your life that is in ME, says the LORD. No way are you helpless! Your help is in ME and that is a constant, not a variable! My help is never failing. I Am always on time! You are NEVER alone, and I will support you and hold you up and equip

All in All


I Am your ALL IN ALL, says the LORD. NOTHING in your life is out of MY control even when it seems to be spinning out of control for you. I AM WITH YOU. I AM FOR YOU! I HAVE SEEN every tear and bottled them. They are not on a shelf or in storage room, but right before ME.

Cast Your Net

Cast your net on the other side for the draught of fishes, says the LORD. Take Me at My WORD. What you already did in your own strength and with your own abilities and gifts and talents that did not produce anything will not be the result now. With Me you can do all things and have a different result.

Restoring Hope

I am restoring hope in you, says the LORD. Yes, New hope is what I decree over you and your life. You are not finished. I am not done with you! Your destiny in Me is not hopeless and not going to be incomplete and unfinished. I will lead you into the fullness of your purpose, and you are on

Small Things

Do not despise the days of small things, says the LORD, for a seed is a small thing, and I have placed them in your hands. Though they appear to be dead and dry and hopeless, I will cause what yo have planted to germinate and grow. I will water them by My SPIRIT and bring the increase. DO not