Feast on Today’s Manna!

         Your times and seasons are in My hands, and your life is hid in Me, says the LORD.  I have you covered in Me.  I have cloaked you with My grace and mantled you with My mercy that endures forever.  You are not behind the times.  You cannot go beyond them.  They are set in order,

My Mercy Endures Forever

My mercy endures forever, says the LORD. For I Am a God of compassion and mercy. I have given you My sure promises, and you can trust in MY infallible Word. I promised to keep you night and day. I promised to lead you and direct your path. I Am your Keeper that WILL order your steps and guide you

Separated You onto Myself

I have separated you onto Myself, says the LORD. You are not alienated, but separate onto Me. I have not abandoned you. I will not leave you. I AM with you. I have set you aside for My use and filled you with My SPIRIT and MY Word is in you. You are My workmanship, and I created you for

My Grace and Mercy

My grace and mercy are inexhaustible and unending, says the LORD. They are renewable every day. I never run short of Loving kindness for you, for you are MY beloved child. I purchased you with a great price because I value you. You are a peculiar treasure onto Me. Do not degrade yourself or allow the enemy to malign you

Full of Compassion

I Am full of compassion and tender mercies for you, says the LORD. They are renewable every day. My love for you is inexhaustible and My grace is abundant. Everything that I have for you is a gift. I fully furnished every need that you have by My shed blood and finished work on the cross for you. You are

My Goodness and Mercy

My goodness and mercy will follow you ALL the days of your life, as you allow Me to Shepherd you, says the LORD. I will not quit on you. I will not extract My gifts from you. Goodness belongs to you. Mercy belongs to you. I paid for everything that I have freely given you by My finished work on

You Are Worthy

I have entitled you and made you worthy to be My child with all the rights and privileges by My shed blood and finished work on the cross for you.  As you received My gift of life for you, I received you as My beloved child.  You have access to everything that I have, says the LORD.  I Am no

Good News

Listen to the GOOD news, says the LORD.  The atmosphere that is filled with bad news is not benefiting you. Listen to My heart. I told you that I would take care of you and help you and provide for you always. Do not think negative thoughts, for those thoughts will change the atmosphere around you and bring you to fear

Great Grace

I Am mantling you with great grace, says the Lord. My favor will rest upon you, for I Am a God of mercy and grace.  Just as you have obtained mercy from me and unmerited favor, I will cause you to give that same gift to others.  It is not about what they earn or how much they give or even accept the gift of your love and mercy. It

My Love and Mercy Endures Forever

Deep calls for deep, says the Lord.  I Am calling you into the very depth My love for you this day.  Yes, the well of My love and mercy that endures forever for you will never run dry.  You will never be able to explore or comprehend such inexhaustible love that is always there for you.  Nobody loves like I