I Will Meet Your Need

I Am a promise keeper, and I will meet your need, says the LORD. I Am the source of all things. I have everything that you need and desire on the table of My presence where you can freely come and dine. Drink all you want of the new wine that will make your heart glad. Eat all the bread

I Am Inclusive

I Am inclusive, says the LORD. I said, Whosoever will may come and drink of the waters of life freely. That means you. You are not an exception, but you are accepted of ME. I will not banish you from My presence and My arms are held wide open to you to welcome you. You are not overlooked, undervalued, insignificant

I Will Be with You

Never give up

I will be with you through the difficulties, says the LORD. Nothing takes Me by surprise and nothing hinders Me or delays Me. Nothing is without purpose in your life. Do not despair. I will help you in all situations and bring you to the safety of the other side even when the storms are so dark that you cannot

Press into My Presence

Dedicated to the Presence of God

As you press into My presence and seek My perfect will and abandon yourself to Me you will find ME and you will discover all that I have for you. Your kingdom purpose will not only be revealed, but I will fully furnish you for every good work. Let Me and My presence become your priority. For the things done

Frequent My Presence

Frequent My presence, says the LORD. Give Me first place in your life. Don’t just come to Me to find answers for your problems, but come to Me in earnest love and a persistent pursuit of Me. I will glorify you in Me by My Spirit and bring you into the fullness of My blessings. I will lift you by

I Am More than Enough

I Am more than enough, says the LORD. I will give you in access of your need and even your desire, for I Am more than sufficient for you. Trust in Me for the highest and the greatest and the best, says the LORD. You do not have to compromise or settle for less than I have for you. I

Your Priority

Make My presence your priority, says the LORD. Seek ME with all of your heart! You will not only find Me, but you will have all that you need and desire in My presence. There you will find great joy that cannot be taken away from you, and you will have My abiding peace. It is in Me and My

I Am Activating You

I Am activating you by My Spirit, says the LORD. For I Am not calling you to be passive in your faith, but passionate. I Am calling you into My presence. Pursue My Kingdom and My power and MY glory and My righteousness that is in My presence, says the LORD. Do not become idle or complacent. Let your faith

My Promised Land

My promised land is always a good land, a land flowing with milk and honey. It is a land of occupation and inheritance and a dwelling place that is fully provisioned and secure. It is a gift of My grace rather than what you have earned or merited. All that I have for you is a gift. I have fully

No Favorites

I have no favorites, says the LORD, and no one is more important to Me than you are. I created you to have fellowship with Me, and I desire you to come closer. My love for you is unchanging and unconditional. It is unimpeachable. You are precious and priceless to ME. My table is spread for you to come and