Life Changing Promises!

My promises to you are live changing, says the LORD.   I will stretch out My hands to you and give you multiple blessings that you could not even imagine.  For they will astound you. They will challenge you to a new level of greatness in Me.  They will lift you into new heights of My glory and you will excel

My Promises

I do not make promises to you just to bait you and entice you and fill you with false hope and disappointment, says the LORD. Others may break their promises to you. But I cannot. Others may deceive you and break your heart, but I will not. They may extract from you and rob you, but I Am not the

Cloud Without Water

I Am not a cloud without water, says the LORD. Others have promised you things that they did not keep. They have spoken lies to you even in My name that did not happen. They did not back their covenants and did not keep their word and did not do as they had said. But I Am not that way.

In the Promised Land

You will possess your possessions in the promised land, says the LORD. For all My promises are true. None of them will fall to the ground or fail. For My Word for you is a sure WORD, a certain WORD and it will become a tangible reality. I have not brought you into the land of your promise to fail

Do Not Compromise!

Do not compromise, says the LORD. I do not want you to settle for less than I have promised you. Do not give up, and do not give in! For greater things are coming for those who wait on Me. I Am the creator of all things, and I have not ceased to create. I Am still planning. I Am

Step into My Promises

Step into My promises that are absolute, says the LORD. I have not forsaken My WORD and I have not nullified any promise. For they are correct. They are infallible, as I AM! They will not be watered down, changed or unfulfilled. For I honor My Word, and MY work will verify it. For My work and My will and

Trust in My Promises

Gods Promises

Trust in My promises, says the LORD. Trust in My presence in your life. TRUST that I Am leading and guiding you continually. My eyes are on the sparrows that I created. I know where everyone of them are and I care about them. How much more will I care for you! You are in My hands that created you

My Unimpeachable Promises

Rest in My unimpeachable promises and bask in My provision for you, says the LORD. For I Am changeless and the times and seasons have not altered Me. I created them, Am aware of them, and control them. They have not changed MY Word. I remain fixed in My purposes and plans, and I will not compromise Who I Am

Covenant Keeper

I Am a covenant keeper says the Lord, and I will not break My covenant with you, will not lie or change My will, purpose or plan, will not change directions and will not break My promises. When I speak, it is done, even as I said, Let there be light and there was immediate light. I did not need

My Promises Are True

My promises are true, says the LORD, for I cannot lie. I Am a promise keeper. I Am not looking for an out so that I don’t have to fulfill what I have told you I will give you. There is no impossibilities with ME. NONE! YOU are not an impossibility. Do not disqualify yourself or look for any reason