Bold as a Lion

Be as bold as a lion, says the LORD, for fear is not an option. I have made you undefeatable in Me.  Do not look at the enemy that rages against you as a threat. Be a threat to him.  Though he roars and violently opposes you and what I have called you to do,  I have not created you to run in terror of him.

There Is a Purpose

There is a purpose for everything, says the Lord. Delay is not denial. It is only delay in your eyes.  It only seems like denial to you.  I will always perform My will and My purposes in your life as you entrust your entire self to Me.  There is never anything that gets by Me when it pertains to you.  I

Help Comes from Me

All of your help comes from Me, says the Lord.  You have been disappointed in others who did not keep their promises or give you the help that you expected. But I will never disappoint you.  There is never a time that you call upon Me that I will shut My ears to your prayers or turn My back upon

Praise Your Way to Victory

Praise your way to victory, says the LORD, for the battle is not yours, but mine.  Let praises fill the atmosphere around you. It will penetrate the battleground and confuse the enemy.  Instead of fear and anguish, begin to sing unto me.  Let your voice be heard in WORSHIP of ME , says the LORD. I inhabit your praises and

Don’t Allow the Enemy to Overwhelm You

Don’t allow the enemy to overwhelm you. Don’t listen to his lies, says the Lord. Although he is roaring, raging, threatening, plug your ears to him. Silence your heart. Quiet your thoughts. Come into My presence with abandonment. Yes, empty yourself completely and let Me fill you up with Myself. I Am strength for the weary, says the Lord. I