Don’t Be Afraid or Discouraged

Don’t be afraid or discouraged, says the Lord.  Take courage in Me!  Don’t become overwhelmed by the onslaught of the enemy,   You can rely upon My inexhaustible strength, and I will strengthen you and help you. You are never alone in your battles against the evil one.  Let your faith rise within your heart.  Be courageous and boldly declare that I Am your helper and there is nothing, absolutely nothing that man can do onto you.  I will stand with you.  I Am for you.  I Am on your side. You are Mine.  Because you belong to Me, because you trust in Me, because you look to Me, you will never be defeated.  Do not then allow the enemy to taunt you and oppress you.  Stand up and fight.  He can never win, and you can never lose, says the Lord.

My strength be made perfect in your weakness, says the Lord. I have never come up short of anything.    I own it all.  I have it all. I control it all.  I have you!  Arise and be strong in Me now and evermore and see every battle through to certain victory.  None are without exception, and none are too big for Me, and none are too hard for Me! None can be too difficult for you. Be a person of valor I have created you to be.  As I have made you for My pleasure, then know what gives Me pleasure.  Becoming Mine gives Me great pleasure, for I bought you with a price: My own precious blood that was shed for you.  It gives Me great pleasure for you to arise and stand in courageous faith in Me against the evil one who does not have greater weapons than I have freely and completely equipped you with.  You, My dear one,  you, My precious and priceless child, are a child of My favor and grace.  As you place your complete confidence in Me and My infallible presence and power in your life, you will not be able to be defeated.  I Am the greater One  within you to bring you  absolute victory over every oppressor, now and ever, says the Lord.

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