perfect peaceRegardless of the storms that you face in life, I will give you My abiding peace, says the LORD. The winds of adversity will not be able to blow it away. The billowing storm clouds will not be able to destroy it. The raging seas of life will not drown it. My peace that I give you will not fade, will not be changed, will not be absent, will not be lost, will not be removed from you, for My gifts are without repentance. You will have abiding peace in every conflict that you face. The enemy cannot ruin it. He cannot steal it, for nothing will alter My peace that I give you that goes beyond understanding. You will know My presence that goes before you and I will give you My peace, says the LORD.

I Am your peace, says the LORD. It is a tangible reality, even as I Am. My peace is a spirit that penetrates everything, and causes you to know that even though you do not have the answers, they are on the way. Even though you may not be able to see the other side because of the dark clouds, you will know that you will arrive there safely, unscathed and undefeated. You will have peace when the battle rages, and know that the victory has already been won. You will know that the outcome will be in your favor, for I will be with you to insure it. In every trial and test, you will have My abiding peace, knowing that you will overcome and as you are enabled to withstand every assault of the enemy. My peace will be greater than any attack against you, for you will know that nothing can harm you, nothing can touch you, nothing can destroy you, and you will always prevail, for I will give you everything that you need to bring you through everything that you face without harm and you will experience a great calm, as things are settled, the storms pass over, and you are safe and secure and sustained and sheltered at all times in Me who is your peace, says the LORD.

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