Daily Devotional: Confidence in GOD

Thank you, Lord, that we do not have to fear anything. When we have sudden, unexpected storms in life, we will overcome, for you are with us always, to keep us safe. Our enemies will not overtake us, for you are shielding us, helping us, securing us, and we can count on your faithful care at all times, as we

Daily Devotional: Upheld and Safe

Thank you, Lord, that as we Keep your Word and place our trust in you, that you will keep us safe. You are that place of safety, and you will keep us steady on our feet. We will not stumble or fall as you make the way clear for us.  We have that assurance that you will protect us, secure

Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t be afraid, says the LORD. Fear will only cause you unrest and take away all your peace. I Am your peace. I have ordained rest for you as you refuse to believe the negative reports that you hear everyday that will only bring you instability. I Am with you to hold you up, make you immovable, and give you

Daily Devotional: Provision, Peace and Rest

Thank you, Lord, for giving me a beautiful, plush, green pasture, where I can enjoy your provision in your presence every day. You provide me with a safe and quiet place of rest for my body, soul and spirit. You quiet my troubling thoughts fears as I make you My trust. I have peace, for you are with Me to

Daily Devotional: The Lord My Helper

I thank you Lord that you are My helper. Therefore, I do not need to fear what anyone or anything endeavors to do against me. You are with me and for me, and on My side, and I am safe, secure, and well kept by you, now and always. I can boldly proclaim that you are My God, in whom

Daily Devotional: Peace

We thank you, Lord, that not only will you continually give us peace, but you ARE OUR PEACE! You will still the storms in our lives that are external, and those within that are raging. We trust you with every situation that we face today, and the uncertain future is in your hands. You will not fail us, and we

I will Honor Every Prayer, Petition and Desire of Your Heart

I will honor every prayer, every petition, every desire of your heart, as you call upon Me, says the LORD. I will answer you. I will never turn you away or plug My ears to you. I will never turn My back on you, and I will never leave you. You are always beloved of Me, and I Am always

I Am Your Sanctuary

I am your sanctuary and place f safety, says the LORD. You are safe and secure in me at all times. Do not fear what man can do to you. I Am your defense and you are not a sitting target. Nothing can conquer you. No one can harm you. I Am by your side to help you, and I

Daily Devotional: Deliverance

Thank you, Lord, for delivering my soul and saving me by your marvelous grace and love for Me. Deliverance comes from you, as I entrust you with all my care and concerns. You will deliver me from all evil, and the plots of the enemy will be foiled. Because I belong to you as your beloved child, You will rescue

Daily Devotional: God is Your Help

Lord, I rejoice in you because you are always with Me to help me, no matter what my need is. Even when the difficulties are too much for me to handle, they are not bigger than you. You will overshadow me and cover with your wings, and uphold me with your own right hand. I will be safe, secure, provisioned,