Be at Peace With Yourself

Be at peace with yourself, for I created you.  I designed and built you.  I placed you where I wanted you to be, and there has been NO MISTAKE.  You are not walled in and you are not in a prison. You are free.  You are not bound or chained.  You have been liberated long ago.  Walk in that liberty and do not frustrate yourself by thinking that you still need to be set free, when you are FREE, indeed, in Me.

I have given you a Kingdom purpose that goes far beyond your earthly sojourn, so time is not what it is all about. For what I have for you, what I created you for is eternity and My kingdom that is without end.  You will always have great value to Me, and your destiny goes far beyond the scope of time.  Be faithful in everything that I have given you to do, and give your all to Me, says the LORD

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