Be still and Know that I Am GOD in the midst of you, says the LORD.   You do not have to flail and scream and holler to get My attention. I Am able to scan the hidden man of the heart and know your thoughts. I record your prayers and bottle your tears. Know that in quietness and confidence I will work in your dire need, and show you that I have unlimited, unrestrained power.  I will work I behalf of those who trust in ME and MY power to do the impossible.  For NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING is impossible for those Who believe, says the LORD.

I have heard your cry.  I have recorded your prayers.  I will answer you, says the LORD.  I cannot be limited, and My power is unlimited in space and time. Fervent prayer is not the volume, but the intensity of your faith and trust in Me.  I will honor your prayers of faith and give you everything that you need, as YOU BELIEVE!  Wait patiently on Me to act, for if you are trusting in what you can do and what others can do, you are not leaning upon Me!  I AM your source in all things, not just some.  Trust that I can make a way where there is NO WAY. I made a path in the Red Sea and the Jorden for My People, Israel.  They were trapped with the enemy hotly pursuing them.  I will make a way for you, and do something unexpected, phenomenal and glorious, if you will ONLY BELIEVE, says the LORD.

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