Be still and know that I Am your GOD in the midst of you, says the LORD. Trust in My voice. Be quiet in My presence so that you can hear Me speak. Silence yourself and all that is vying for your attention, and attend onto ME. I will give you the answers that you need and direct your path. I will enlighten you and the path that you are to take will be clear and bright. I will commune with you and your heart will be at peace, says the LORD.

Do not allow the enemy to take advantage of you when he is speaking lies to you, threatening you, abusing you, condemning you and causing you grief in your heart, says the LORD. Don’t listen to such nonsense. He cannot carry out his plans against you with Me on your side. LISTEN TO MY VOICE and squelch out the dark sayings of the enemy that only wants to bring you into fear and confusion. I will give you peace and tranquility, not fear and doubt. I will be light in you, that takes out the darkness and the dark words must GO. The enemy will shout and scream, and I will send him screaming from you as you submit yourself unto Me and resist him and his darkness. He will not succeed in his diabolical assignments, but I will give you the wisdom you need as you just quiet yourself in My presence and have an ear to hear what I Am speaking to you, says the LORD.

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