Cast all Your Burdens and Concerns Upon ME

Cast all your burdens and concerns upon Me, says the LORD. They were only weighing you down and causing you weariness. I never intended you to carry them. Let Me have all of them so that you are free to be about MY business, unencumbered and carefree. I will sustain you. I Am your caregiver. I love to take care of the minor needs as well as the major things, so that you can see my meticulous concern and care for you. I have numbered the hairs on your head. You cannot even begin to do that for yourself. Does that not amaze you that I care that much, know so much about you, and record all your parts in MY book? What I will do for you in comparison to that is beyond your imagination, as you will believe in Me, trust in My care, and take all limitations off. I cannot be put in a box or conform to the ideals and small thoughts and ideas of anyone. I cannot become weary in well doing as some are. I cannot sleep. I always perform miracles and will give them to you as you BELIEVE and RECEIVE them by unwavering faith in ME, says the LORD.

It is not complicated to have simple, dependent, child-like faith and trust in Me, says the LORD. What you cannot do, I CAN. What limits you does NOT limit Me. What you cannot imagine, I will even do that, if you can believe. Shake off the fears and doubts and hurl EVERY weight on Me. Do not try to control the problems of others either, for they too can be cast on Me by you, so that their concerns do not become what controls your emotions and life. I Am big enough, wise enough, strong enough, compassionate enough, powerful enough and available enough for you and those you love and care for. So unburden yourself and be filled with the unspeakable joy that I have for you, as you come into My presence, and empty yourself of EVERY concern and receive the blessings of rest, comfort and joy that I have for you, by simple trust in ME, says the LORD.

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