Change is on the way, says the LORD.  You have not cried and prayed and waited upon Me in vain. I have recorded every prayer. I have borne all of your grief and your sorrow and bottled every tear.  What has touched against you and broken your heart has touched MINE.  I will bring you out of the oppression of the enemy that has dogged your tracks, and I will bring you into your desired haven.  You will not be lost in the middle of the storm or drown in the raging sea of sorrow, for I will rescue you and bring you up and out and give you a brand-new start, says the LORD.

Sorrow and pain and loss are not your lot in life, for I promised you an abundant life in Me, says the LORD.  Poverty is not My prescription for you, and anguish of heart is not from Me.  Your pain is recorded in My book, and your sorrow will be turned into joy.  You will not stay in the place of defeat, and the days of your mourning are coming to an end.  Anticipate the day of restoration that is coming for you, for you will rejoice and the latter will be greater than the former. My peace will envelop and fill you and your environs, and you will be filled with incredible joy in Me, says the LORD.

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