I Will Come to Your Rescue


Be patient unto My coming, says the LORD. I will come on the scenes of your life. I will show up in glory and splendor. I will come to your aid and rescue. I will come to you in power and authority. I will come to you and revive you, renew you, strengthen you, uplift you, advance you. I will

I Will Rescue You

I Am your defense, says the LORD, and I will rescue you. I will save you from the enemy attacks and place My wall of fire about you and My glory within you. I will keep you from the assaults of the enemy, for I will fight for you. I will be with you in the battle. It is Mine.

I Have an Exit Plan

I have an exit plan for you out of your bondage and entanglements that have kept you from your purpose in Me, says the Lord.  I have a strategy to bring you out of the wilderness into your personal promised land.  I have made a way for you out of the things that have deterred and distracted you.  It is