Don’t look for the approval and acceptance of others, says the LORD. There is no end to opinions, and you will only spin around in circles as you allow others to dictate and control your life. You will never advance if you focus on what others think, for they will never be in agreement, and you will never move forward as they will have you turn to the left or the right. You will never be free is you are bound to pleasing others, and you will never be able to advance into the new territories that I want you to explore if naysayers have their way in your life, says the LORD.

Aim to please Me, says the Lord. I will not steer you wrong or make you dizzy by turning you every which way. Your path is ahead, not jagged. It is well lit and plain and simple, not complicated and confusing. It is straight and narrow, not crooked and winding, and pleasing Me will bring you ultimate peace and satisfaction. You will be fulfilled as you listen to My voice, hear and obey, and faithfully follow My lead as you walk in the steps that I order for you, says the LORD.

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