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Follow Me, says the LORD. I will not push you forward, but I will lead you. Just keep your eyes fixed on ME, and you will walk in My footsteps. Keep pace with ME. IT is not difficult for you to KNOW the way that you are to take, for I AM THE WAY! When you follow Me, you cannot get lost. You will not need to worry about getting ahead of Me or being left behind. What I do, just copy that. Be as I AM and do what I do! Say what I say, and you will never fail, says the LORD.

I will never lead you astray, and I will NEVER fail to LEAD you by My Spirit, says the LORD. You will hear My voice if you will listen. You will know My will if you desire it. You will see the light on the path ahead of you as you open your eyes and move straight forward, for it is not crooked, curved or to the left or right. Just MOVE straight forward in ME as I make that command, “FORWARD, March,” and then I will go before you, prepare the way ahead of you, and will be a lamp onto your feet, a light onto your path, so that you will avoid pitfalls, and never stumble nor fall, as I show you the path of life in Me, says the LORD.

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