I Am Able To Help You

It is never too late to believe in Me, says the LORD. Your past does not need to dictate your present or what is eternal. For what is ahead is not just days of time, but what is never ending. It is NOT too late to trust in Me! Your circumstances do NOT need to lord it over you, as you give them to ME! I Am the Lord of everything and all, and I can do what NO OTHER POWER CAN DO. It is NOT too late and it is NOT over! I Am able to help you when your personal ship is sinking! I Am able to rescue you from the lion’s mouth! I Am able to take you out of the claws of the bear, and the traps that the enemy has ensnared you in, says the LORD.

When NO ONE ELSE can help you and you have exhausted every other avenue, do not think that I Am also without ability to help you, says the LORD. I CAN! I WILL! I Am without limitations, and need no help from another. I, who created you, Am able to rescue you. I will save you! I will set you free! You will not sink in the mire or drown in the quagmire that you even created for yourself, for I will bring you up and out of it as you come to Me, give yourself and everything over to Me, and allow Me to do what you and no other power can, for I can do it effortlessly, perfectly and powerfully, if you will only entrust everything to Me, says the LORD.

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