Everything is Possible

I Will Perform What You Believe Me For



Everything is Possible

There shall be a performance of all those things that I have spoken to you about that you believe me for, says the LORD. NOT one promise that you embrace by faith will go unfinished. I will give you more than you could ever imagine as you entrust Me for those things that go beyond your own vision that I have placed in your heart. I will enlarge your heart to contain more so that you can receive more, believe Me for More and become MORE than you expected, for I will expand your boarders and use you beyond your greatest dreams and thoughts, because you totally entrust your life and kingdom purpose to Me to fulfill you, and use you for MY glory, says the LORD.

You have seen yourself as insignificant and you have felt that you have nothing and will be nothing, says the LORD. But I will rekindle in you the fire of MY HOLY SPIRIT and renew your strength. I will promote you in My kingdom because you have humbled yourself before Me and exalted Me. As you have become meek and lowly, I can USE you for My purposes that will unfold, for you will not be puffed up or credit your own self for what only I can do. As you give me the glory and honor that is do My name, and relinquish any pride or vain glory, you will discover that everything I call you to do will be done BY MY SPIRIT that is in you, and there will be no end to the miraculous that will be openly displayed, as I will be seen, heard, and will perform miracles, healing, signs and wonders among you that will bring honor to My great name, and expand My kingdom on earth, as it is in heaven, says the LORD.

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