hopeHope in Me, says the LORD.  For when you do, it will never be an empty hope or an unfulfilled desire or an impossible dream.  For I have given you a LIVING HOPE that has substance to do the substantial, for it is your faith that makes it vital and productive. As you wait on Me to grant your requests, you will not be disappointed. For your reward awaits you as you will obtain the answers that you seek Me for, the fulfillment of your visions that will NOT perish, and the performance of the miracles you were able to entrust to ME, says the LORD.

I Am the God of miracles, signs and wonders, says the LORD.  When did I change the plan, the purpose and the power of My might?  When did I run out of provisions, and when did My supply become exhausted?  NEVER.  For what you need will never be too big or go beyond My ability to provide, and though it may be impossible with man, it is simple for Me to fulfill.  You only need to believe and trust in ME, for MY WORD is true, and those who wait on Me WILL be delighted by their dreams coming true and their desires being granted by My mighty power, says the LORD.

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