Nothing is TOO HARD for the LORD

Nothing is too hard for me, says the LORD. You cannot have a bigger problem than My power to solve it. Your life is in My hands that gave it to you. Even a sparrow that falls to the ground does not do so without Me. YOUR value is greater than a host of them, and I Love you and care for your soul when you feel that no one else does. Although others have abandoned you when you needed them the most, and I will be with you in every sorrow, every pain and every trauma. You are not alone, for I Am there to help you, says the LORD.

Your present sufferings will only build you and make you stronger, not weaker, says the LORD. I will fortify you like a walled city and you will stand through every storm without crumbling. I will keep you intact, and although you feel you are falling apart, you will not. You will come through the testing of your faith with stronger faith than ever. Your battles will not end in shame and defeat, but victory as you will become strong in Me as I teach you how to war, and give you the power to overcome anything and everything, for I Am your ultimate strength, says the LORD.

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