I have commanded My blessings upon you, My beloved child, says the LORD. Can anyone stop Me? Can any power change ME? Can anyone interfere with ME? Who can tell Me what I can and cannot do? NONE! For what I command is always DONE! There is no denying, no defying, no interruptions, no barriers, no walls, no destroying, no interfering, no delaying. I AM GOD, and there is NONE other power that can usurp authority over Me, says the LORD.

I have the ONLY SAY that counts, for it is the FINAL say. I Am the authority, and I will veto the enemy’s decrees. They are all lying words that can never do anything at all. Trust Me as the SOVEREIGN and know that I Am on your side and have a wonderful plan and purpose for you that will complete you. I will bless you with unimpeachable gifts that have no attached sorrow. The enemy cannot fulfill his insulting, verbal assaults against you, but I will not only fulfill My Words to the very letter and punctuation marks, but I will fulfill YOU! I will finish what I have started in you and give you everything that I have laid up in store for you, and YOU WILL BE BLESSED and furnished onto EVERY GOOD WORK that I have decreed over you, says the LORD.

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