You Are Not Forgotten

I Am not oblivious of your problems, says the LORD. You may feel forgotten and overlooked, but I Am aware of every tiny detail of your life. I recorded all your parts in My book, record every time you even THINK about me, and I hear every prayer that you speak. I know your thoughts and even those hidden areas of pain that you never mention, I know all about. I understand you and everything about you, and I care. There is NOTHING hidden from My all-seeing eyes. There is nothing beyond the range of My hearing. I know the difficulties that you are suffering, and you are important to Me.

You are not at the end of the line and waiting for an encounter with me, says the LORD. For there is NO SUCH THING as taking turns. You have My full attention, always. I desire an intimate relationship with you. I love to hear your prayers, and I love to embellish you with good things. I desire more for you than you can ever ask or pray or think, for My thoughts and ways that are higher than yours are only GOOD. Trust that I love you always, and you are special to ME. Your faith in Me and My infallible Word pleases Me, and I will answer your prayers and give you everything that you need, as you call upon My name, and entrust your care to Me, always, says the LORD.

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