Your Life and Destiny is Ordained by GOD

I Am the first and the last, and everything in between, says the LORD. There is NO OTHER GOD. There is NO Other that can do what I do. I knew you while you were yet in the womb of your mother, and I know every detail of your life. I know the way that you take. I know the future, and I have ordained everything about your life and destiny from the moment that you were born to the end of your earthly sojourn, says the Lord.

There is NOTHING what was, is and will be that can escape My knowledge, and nothing takes Me by surprise., says the Lord. Nothing, absolutely nothing is out of My sight, and NOTHING is beyond My infinite understanding. There is NOTHING that I cannot do, nothing that I will not complete and perfect, and NOTHING that I will not finish, that I have begun, says the LORD.

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