Your Life is in My Hands

Just as I have numbered the very hairs on your head, I have ordered every beat of your heart, says the LORD. Your life is in My hands, and I have given you the very breath of life. I have given you the unspeakable gift of My salvation, and taken you from darkness, and placed you into My kingdom of light. You are precious in My sight, and nothing that pertains to you is small and insignificant, and nothing goes unnoticed by Me, says the LORD.

Trust in my meticulous care and unimpeachable love for you, says the LORD. I value you far more than you value yourself, for you are My own special creation, and I have made you for a purpose. You will never be out of My sight, and you are always in My hands, that created you. Rejoice in Me this day, for you are greatly beloved of Me, and I have made you My very own, because you have honored Me by your faith in Me and My finished work on the cross, says the LORD.

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