Be Aware and Sensitive to My Presence

Be aware and sensitive to My presence in your life at all times, says the Lord. For I Am with you always. I see everything, know everything and know the thoughts that you think. I understand you. I care about every detail of your existence, and the things that concern you are always known by Me. I Am able to do anything that you need Me to do, and I will help you with everything that you will allow Me to do. Cast all of your concerns upon Me, for I will carry everyone of them, and you can unburden yourself, as you entrust your total care to Me, says the LORD.

Don’t doubt My love and concern for you, and never underestimate My ability, says the LORD. Although you are limited in what you can do, I AM NOT! Even though you become tired and weary, I never do, and I never sleep, that you can. I will take care of you and all those you love as you relinquish the controls of your life and those you care about to Me. I will do what is the very best for all of you, all the time, and I will do it right and on time. I want you to be at peace with yourself and others, and have abiding peace in the midst of every storm of life that you face, for what you cannot handle, I will, as you allow Me to be the Lord of everything in your life, says the LORD>

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