Be fearless, says the LORD, for you are never to cower when the enemy roars at you. I have given you the power to withstand any attack from the evil one, as you are equipped to defeat the foe just as I have. I Am the Greater One in you, and I AM with you. I have given you My armor, and you are fully empowered to stand, fight, resist the evil one and push him back, and he will run from you. You have superior weapons and those he displays will not reach you, for I have given you My shield of faith to use, and you have My sword, says the LORD.

You will possess new territories for My kingdom, as you push the enemy out and occupy what once was his claim. Just be bold and courageous, for you will not be defeated. I have given you the strength you need, and fully furnished you to be successful in all that I have commissioned you to do. JUST DO IT, and know that I will give you the victory when you fearlessly confront the enemy that wants you to run and hide. Arm yourself and fight, and know that that there is certain victory ahead for you, for I will always cause you to triumph in me, says the LORD.

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