Access to My Throne

You are not a beggar, but a beloved child, says the LORD. You always have access to My throne, where I will hear you. I will answer you. You are not a castaway! I have given you the position of a son, not just a servant. Come boldly into My presence. You do not have to crawl. Lift up your

  I will establish you in My kingdom, by My power and for My glory, say the Lord. Your roots will go deeper, as I have planted you, and you will not be uprooted. I will empower you by My Spirit, and there will not be any breach of promise. What I tell you will happen, for I never go


Speak again, says the LORD. Open up your mouth and speak. Do not hide behind the stuff like Saul of old, but be like My servant David, who ran toward the enemy, clad in My unseen, infallible armor, and equipped with the Sword of MY SPIRIT. Let there be a sound coming forth from YOU: the sound of MY SPIRIT.

Raising a New Breed

I Am raising up a new breed, says the LORD. They are not a mix between the old and the new. NEW IS NEW. These are My mighty warriors that are pure and holy. They have been tried in the fire, and My holy fire is now in Them. They are holiness onto ME, and there is nothing usual or

New Boldness

We are called to be bold

I will give you a new boldness in Me by My Spirit in you as you press into My presence and let Me download more into you. YES, PRESS. PRESS! There is nothing that you need that I will not grant as you come to the table that is set for you in MY presence and EAT. DRINK. I have

Bold as a Lion

Be as bold as a lion, says the LORD, for fear is not an option. I have made you undefeatable in Me.  Do not look at the enemy that rages against you as a threat. Be a threat to him.  Though he roars and violently opposes you and what I have called you to do,  I have not created you to run in terror of him.