Sweet are My promises that will be fulfilled, if you will take Me at My Word, and believe, says the LORD. I did not speak them to encourage you, just for you to be discouraged and disheartened. I spoke them so that you would embrace them by faith and trust in Me and My infallible Word. Not one of My Words will fall the ground, but all will be fulfilled, says the LORD.

Your faith activates My Word that will become your reality, as you stand upon it and refuse to compromise, says the LORD. Never mediate MY WORD! Let My full purpose unfold for you as you walk in My Spirit and hold onto My promises, and refuse to let them go, until you have seen everyone of them manifest in your life. Yes, be patient and also be insistent. For I will give you everything that I have declared, and not one thing will be missing, as you believe and receive what I have purposed and planned for you, says the LORD.

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