I have prepared everything for you, says the LORD. I Am never caught off guard. I Am aware of what lies ahead, for I have ordained the steps that you are to take, as I have already been there. Nothing takes Me by surprise, so do not be nervous about your unknown, unseen future. I see it. I know it. I have everything in control, so do not allow yourself to be filled with anxiety and depression as you hear the forecast of others that are predicting disasters, calamity, and defeat, says the LORD.

I have GOOD NEWS for you, says the LORD. I will straighten out that which is crooked, level the hills and fill the valleys. I will smooth out the rough terrain and I will remove the obstacles and tear down the walls that stand in the way. I will enlighten the path before you, and take you by the hand, and lead you safely forward. You can step over the threshold of the unknown, with confidence and trust in Me as your Savior, your Lord, your light, and your Life, Knowing that I Am with you now and always, and you need not fear, says the LORD.

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