Everything is in My Hands

Don’t be afraid of what lies ahead, says the LORD. I Am in control! Nothing will dictate your life or change you. I Am your GOD. I Am your purpose. I Am the reason you exist. Nothing will interfere with My plan and purposes that I have ordained for your life. I Am the Sovereign, and circumstances all come under My ultimate authority and will surrender to ME, with no delay or contest, says the LORD.

You are always in My care, says the LORD. Don’t worry. I have you. I have everything in My hands, and you are never going to be plucked out of My hands. You are safe and secure in ME, and I Am your source, your supply, your builder and maker, your Savior and LORD. REST in confidence and assurance that I have it, all of it, and I have you, and all will work together for GOOD, and you will be a finished and garnished vessel in My hands that will be used for My glory, and be completely untarnished, untainted, and beautifully furnished and complete in Me, says the LORD.

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